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August 2016 - Trade Approval of UCL Mixed Juice Weigher

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The Legal Metrology Act of South Africa requires that all Automatic Hopper Scales used for trade purposes or in the process of the calculation of a weighing transaction needs to be trade approved.

With the introduction of Electronic Automatic Hopper Scales there was no focus up until now in approving these instruments.

UCL has taken the lead in engaging with Sasco to obtain trade approval of the first Electronic Mixed Juice Weigher (Automatic Hopper Scale) in South Africa.

The trade approved Mixed Juice Weigher (SA 1569) has a 5 ton static capacity and approximately 500 tons per hour throughput.

The combination of the instrumentation used to obtain this trade approval is the Sasco Africa L337 Indicator used in conjunction with 4 x 5 ton Bilanciai GPA loadcells and an existing UCL load receptor.

Through the change of instrumentation it is possible to upgrade an existing Hopper Scale to a trade approved weighing instrument provided that certain requirements are met.

Congratulations to UCL for taking this lead!