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October 2016 - Maputo Port Dev Company Achieving High Accuracy High Volume Weighing

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Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC) is a national private company and holds the rights to finance, rehabilitate, construct, operate, manage, maintain, develop and optimize the entire Maputo Port concession area. MPDC also holds the powers of a Port Authority, being responsible for maritime operations, piloting towing (tugboats), stevedoring, terminal and warehouse operations, as well as port’s planning development.

The MPDC’s vision is to Anchor National Pride and to propel the region forward by charting regional growth and by providing an attractive, competitive and integrated port service piloted by innovation and integrity.

Maputo Port is southern Africa's nearest port to the rapidly developing mega-markets of Asia and is the closest deep water port to Johannesburg, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

Not surprisingly Maputo Port is therefore one of Africa’s largest bulk ports handling on average 700,000 tons of bulk cargos per month all of which are weighed over at least one of the Company’s eleven weighbridges.

With these high volumes, minimizing down time and maximizing weighing accuracy is absolutely critical to the ports operations. For these reasons, Maputo Port upgraded all its eleven weighbridges to the latest Bilanciai instrumentation, had its staff trained on this instrumentation at the Sasco Weighing Academy and introduced stringent formal daily routines to cross check the relative accuracy of all is weighbridges.

The results have been outstanding. Maputo Port is consistently achieving a relative average error of no more than 20 kg between each of its eleven weighbridges, which represents based on their 60 ton capacity an error of just 0.03 percent, while also achieving minimal down time.

By all accounts this is an exceptional result.

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