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November 2016 - National Road Traffic Act Update

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The requirements of the 22nd Amendment to the Road Traffic Act, which came into effect on 31 January 2015, are generally well understood by Consignors and Consignees.

Fortunately for Consignors and Consignees, the relevant authorities charged with enforcing these new laws have been slow to act.

According to Alta Swanepoel, who specializes in Road Traffic Legislation, the reason for this can be attributed to:

“New legislation filters down very slowly to the law enforcers next to the road; the charge codes for all Consignors and Consignee offences are not yet in place and the specifics of the legislation may require some additional provisions to ensure the intention is not ambiguous. Consignors, Consignees and Operators must however comply with all the provisions of NRTA and insurance companies now generally want proof of such compliance, before issuing insurance payments after an accident. ”

Notwithstanding the lack of prosecutions to date, leading companies have sought to be proactive and to become compliant before the inevitable rush that will result when prosecutions actually start.

Sasco has from the outset been busy in delivering to customers a choice in Road Traffic Act compliance solutions. Since the introduction of the 22nd Amendment of the Road Traffic Act , Sasco has supplied in excess of 120 solutions. These solutions can be broken down as follows:
The conclusions to date are that wherever possible Consignors are seeking to upgrade existing weighbridges so that the generate axle weights and total weights and then either integrating these results into existing in house bespoke software systems or are installing Sasco ProWeigh +.
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