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January 2017 - Verification Designation - Legal Metrology Act

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A company’s designation to verify trade approved weighing instruments under the Legal Metrology Act (Act 9 of 2014) requires the following:

1.   SANAS Accreditation
2. Certificate of Authority from the NRCS designating the laboratory to verify.

Approximately 6 months ago the NRCS gave all Designated Verification Laboratories (DVL) an extension on their designation until 31st December 2016.  The NRCS advised that the reason for this was due to the publishing of the Legal Metrology Act (Act 9 of 2014), and in particular with Section 42(2) dealing with the transitional arrangements.

On the 14th December 2016 all DVLs were informed by the NRCS that designations would once again be extended provided all necessary requirements had been met.

Sasco is pleased to be able to inform its customers that it’s Certificate of Authority and Designation has been extended, therefore Sasco may continue with its verification function.

Sasco understands that the DTI will be issuing the final Regulations governing the Legal Metrology Act in 2017 which will include the separation of verification and repair functions to prevent any possible conflict of interests.  Following the publication of these regulations Sasco intends to register as a Designated Verification Laboratory and substantially expand both its verification resources and scopes of accreditation to include retail scales, weigh in motion, belt weighing and liquid fuel dispensers.
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