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March 2017 - Sasco Remote Diagnostics is Launched

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Two years ago Bilanciai launched the Diade “DD” DD1010, DD1050 and DD2050 range of PC equivalent “Smart Weighing Indicators”. This range of indicators has many powerful features including the ability to upload a range of APPs, including axle weighing functionality for single deck weighbridges.

Sasco had the “DD range” promptly approved for trade use, and hundreds have now been installed at weighing sites in Southern Africa, particularly those requiring axle weighing as well as trade weighing.

The enormous processing capacity of the “DD range” also afforded Sasco the opportunity of developing solutions to the other unique weighing challenges faced in Africa. The most significant challenge being the vast distances between sites and the impact this has on the time it takes to realise there is a breakdown, identify the cause and then repair the fault.

The solution to this challenge is Sasco Remote Diagnostics which is an APP that can be loaded on any number of “DD range” of indicators, enabling the these indicators to be interfaced to Sasco Remote Diagnostics Desktop software, thereby providing real time remote visibility of the technical operating status of one or more “DD range” indicators and all their associated load cells.
In short Sasco Remote Diagnostics is the software solution that enables customers to reduce downtime by remotely monitoring the operating status of their weighing equipment, quickly realize when equipment is down, and pro actively directing the Sasco accredited service provider to the most likely problem. 

Sasco Remote Diagnostics is now being installed at a number of customers who have weighbridges installed at multiple sites.
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