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SA Scale Company has been supplying weighing equipment and services to the African Sugar Industry for over four decades. Founded in 1910 SA Scale Company (Pty) Ltd along with various other W & T Avery companies were owned and operated by Avery in the UK for Over 90 years.

In 2002 Avery sold out of Africa and SA Scale Company along with most of Avery's other African operations were acquired by a local investor group. These weighing businesses have been brought together under a common operating structure and brand - "Sasco Africa".

Sasco Africa is the heir to Avery heritage and it greatly values its Avery heritage which has a reputation for durable quality products with full product support for decades after installation. As we approach our 100 anniversary our mission is to build on this heritage by expanding our products and services to industry.

Historically Sasco Africa's sugar product range was relatively restrictive comprising of essentially of weighbridges, throughput weighers and bagging machines. Recognising the importance of a comprehensive product range, Sasco Africa has expanded its portfolio to include belt weighers, bulk bagging weighers, loss of weight weighers and check weighers. These are all being offered with the option of radio link communications and bespoke or off the shelf software applications.

Of arguable perhaps greater importance to the African Sugar Industry, is our commitment to maintaining and building on the second cornerstone of our heritage - that of continuing after sales service and support. Sasco Africa already has by far the largest owned and operated service network of any weighing company in Southern Africa. This network comprises over 30 branches. Of specific relevance to the Sugar Industry are our branches in Natal, the Lowveld, Swaziland, Malawi and planned branches for East Africa.

Through a significant investment in the latest call centre technology; our branch infrastructure is now continuously monitored, in terms of call status and response times, by a central call centre in Johannesburg. The capability to monitor, whether daily, weekly or monthly our service response times across our network is fundamental to our commitment to deliver the timely response times needed to support our clients weighing equipment in the field.

It is Sasco Africa's hope and expectation that we will be able to continue to make a valuable contribution to the African Sugar Industry in the months, years and decades ahead in the same way as we have been able to do in the weighing industry more generally for over the past 90 years.

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